About the Norwegian Fjord Horse Foundation:
The Foundation was conceived as a way for lovers of the Norwegian Fjord Horse to give back to the breed. It allows for anyone to make donations to the Foundation that are tax deductible. These donations will be used to fund grants that further the Foundation’s Mission. Donations may be monetary, but they may also be securities.

Our primary objective is to provide funding for projects that fulfill our Mission Statement (Click Here). These project proposals are reviewed by an Advisory Committee (Click Here). The committee will review and process grant applications and will specify the grant reporting requirements. The Advisory Committee members are part of the larger Norwegian Fjord Horse community. They are not compensated for this service.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Foundation has two fund categories. One is the Operating Fund (Fund 3714) that provides the working capital for grants and operating expenses of the Foundation. The second is the Endowment Fund (Fund 3715) which ensures that the Norwegian Fjord Horse Foundation will operate in perpetuity. It is a long term investment fund that will accrue earnings and can be used for future grants.

Please go to our Donate tab (Click Here) to make donations. They may be made online with a credit card or by mailing a check to The Dayton Foundation.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Foundation funds are component funds of The Dayton Foundation which was founded in 1921. The Dayton Foundation assists a number of small foundations, such as ours, in order to insure compliance with IRS administrative and reporting requirements for 501(c)3 nonprofits. Your donations will be made to The Dayton Foundation. See the Donate Tab for how to specify the Norwegian Fjord Horse Foundation and the Fund to which you wish to donate. Click on The Dayton Foundation tab to learn more about The Dayton Foundation.

We appreciate the generosity of all donors!

A Tribute to Our Founder:
Neil and Ruth Sorum had the same reaction as most people do when they first encounter Norwegian Fjord horses. They thought they were beautiful, interesting, and like nothing they’d seen before in the equine world. Then they found out these horses were Norwegian (Neil and Ruth’s heritage too), and that really captured their attention.

Over the next few years they would take trips to Norway and import several beautiful Fjords as they began building their Fjord farm. It grew to be one of the largest in the U.S., with a great reputation for top quality Fjords.

As the years went on, they both got involved with the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry, even serving on the board, Neil as its president. As he served, he felt the NFHR was doing a good job protecting the purity of the breed while also encouraging activities that would showcase its abilities. He especially appreciated the evaluation system and participated with many of the farm’s horses. But because of his love for the Fjord, he also was concerned for its future. He began formulating ideas for developing a foundation. He talked with other NFHR board members who were in agreement that it ought to be set up.

Why a foundation? Its purpose would be to assure the preservation of the purity and history of the Fjord, provide education, and support research about the breed for many years to come. And through the formation of a foundation, Fjord lovers would be able to make monetary gifts that would be tax deductible.

Neil was thrilled when the foundation finally became reality, and he and Ruth made the first contribution. He continued to work on the foundation in various capacities until his passing in January, 2012.

Hopefully others will carry on the support of the Fjord Horse Foundation so that the future of this awesome, intelligent, beautiful, versatile, gentle-natured, and unique breed will be bright for years to come. They deserve no less! Thanks, Neil, for getting it all started!!